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Here at Little Doodie's home child care we'd like to think of ourselves as "your child's home away from home." In today's society it's really hard to know if your child is safe when he/she is not in your care. We want to put that thought to rest and assure you that when your little treasure is here, he/she is our little treasure as well.

We offer an environment that is safe and teaches respect, encourages, motivates and supports each child's individual learning needs. We offer family oriented programs designed to help the "whole" family to grow together. Providing each family with resources in the community designed to help take some of the pressure off in these trying times. Our resource center is designed to help parents with child development, family justice, health and career services, crisis services and more!


At Little Doodie's your child's growth is our Top priority. Helping each child to grow and learn at their own pace. Helping them to learn to become independent, develop high self esteem and become productive individuals is what we do.


Our program offers an environment in which a child, regardless of individual needs and background, can enter the classroom and through hands-on play, they will master skills appropriate to his/her own age group. We teach hygiene, manners and fine motor skills. The program is planned to nurture the whole child. Children are guided through learning experiences that are developmentally appropriate in achieving individual capabilities and school readiness. Children learn best in an environment with consistent limits where they are allowed to make choices, leading towards self direction, independence, creativity and positive thinking. Activities provided are active and quiet, child-directed, teacher-directed, group and individual. The collaboration of home and school helps us all to understand the development of the children and get your child ready for kinder garden.

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